Choosing a trusted advisor and protecting your wealth are at the heart of this package. Most sport participators are too busy building a career, practising and participating to put in place the right arrangements to safeguard their earnings. But it's something you really need to do, especially if you're signing a new contract or appointing a new agent - or perhaps if you invest in property, inherit money, begin a new relationship or start a family.

Our Pro track Wealth Protection package is a one-stop fixed-cost way to get the high quality legal documents you need and to appoint someone you trust to look after your welfare and financial matters. You just need to submit your information in a way that suits you and we'll do the rest.

Package highlights

  • Certainty of fixed professional fees
  • Quick, remote delivery of advice and documents
  • Control who benefits from your Estate
  • Creating financial security for close dependents
  • Appoint a trusted representative
  • Avoid expensive legal disputes

What's included


A well-drafted Will by a qualified and regulated legal business helps you to protect your assets and make sure they pass on to individuals and charitable organisations of your choice. Without a Will, you leave dependents without a secure and certain financial future and your Estate may even pass to relatives you don't want coming into ownership of your hard-earned assets. 

If you have children, a Will appoints trusted friends or family to be Guardians in the event of your death; you'll also be able to choose who carries out your wishes. The cost of legal disputes over assets in an estate can take over at a very emotional time for family and large legal fees may eat into the wealth you have spent your career building up. You can choose to avoid this uncertainty and protect your wealth by choosing Pro Track Wealth Protection today

Both Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA's)

Throughout your career, you need advice you can trust about your welfare and financial decisions. Various individuals and organisations will be keen to fulfil this role but only you can appoint a trusted person that can legally make decisions on your behalf.

It's vital you do; an illness, accident or serious injury may mean that you can no longer make decisions that relate to your own health and medical treatment and, worst of all, you may not be able to access your own money.

Making both Lasting Powers of Attorney means you can choose someone you can rely on now to make decisions on your behalf - whether that's now, so that you can concentrate on your career or in the unfortunate event that your health deteriorates unexpectedly.

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